LA Chargers roster: 3 players that are on the bubble ahead of OTAs

Jason Reed
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(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

2. K.J. Hill

I was initially going to go with Joe Reed and actually had Joe Reed lower on the depth chart in my 53-man roster predictions but I am flipping it to K.J. Hill. One of the sophomore receivers is naturally going to be on the roster bubble and Reed likely has more leeway than Hill.

Reed has potential as a legitimate threat on kickoff returns and while Hill was okay with punt returns, the ceiling is probably higher for Reed. Plus, there is gadget play potential with Reed that simply is not there with Hill as well as the ability to fill in at running back if absolutely needed. Hill is a slot receiver through and through.

Charger fans got a bit too excited about Hill when the team selected him. He definitely did fall in the draft and that is why the Chargers picked him after picking another receiver but he was not all that special in his rookie year.

You cannot fully blame him as he got so little playing time, but the talks of him being the next Keenan Allen working out of the slot was just ridiculous.

There are a lot of receivers on the depth chart and typically teams only carry six receivers at a time. The ones that we know for certain are ahead of him are Allen, Mike Williams, Tyron Johnson, Josh Palmer and Jalen Guyton. That theoretically leaves one spot for a receiver and I made the case for Reed.

Could the Chargers run seven receivers? Absolutely. That is what I predicted on my 53-man roster predictions as Reed would essentially be double-dipping as a receiver and the RB4. However, that is far from a guarantee and the only way that would happen is if Hill performs very well in camp.

He won’t be cut but it would not be surprising to see K.J. Hill on the practice squad to start 2021.