LA Chargers: 3 first-round prospects that could fall to Bolts at 47

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LA Chargers

(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) – LA Chargers

Anything can happen in the NFL Draft and every single year we are reminded that NFL teams often have much different big boards than all of us have in the media. Projected first-rounders fall into the mid-rounds, mid-round players are taken in the first and teams pick a first-round talent far earlier than anticipated.

Once you get past the top 15 or 20 picks it is all about what players teams are high on specifically. The difference between the 25th prospect and the 45th prospect on big boards is not that significant and all depends on what a certain team values.

This could benefit the LA Chargers in the 2021 NFL Draft. With the 13th overall pick, the Chargers should land a bonafide talent that will help the roster in year one. While the first 12 picks could go a multitude of ways, we do have a good idea on who will be taken before 13.

The Chargers’ second-round pick is up in the air. Who they target in the second round is going to widely determined by which position the team takes with the 13th overall pick. If the Bolts go tackle then they will probably then go corner. If they go corner then they will go tackle.

But what if a first-round talent falls to the LA Chargers at the 47th overall pick?

Chances are that there is going to be at least one or two prospects that many graded as a first-round talent that will be available to the Chargers at 47. It happens every year.

A recent example of this is the 2017 NFL Draft. Forrest Lamp was viewed as one of, if not the, best tackle prospects in the entire draft. ESPN ranked him as the eighth-best prospect overall! He fell to the Chargers at 38.

For various reasons, there are three first-round-worthy prospects that could realistically fall to the mid-second-round.

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