Reasons for and against the LA Chargers pursuing Kyle Rudolph

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The LA Chargers should not pursue Kyle Rudolph

Kyle Rudolph is one of the bigger names in the league at the tight end position and fans may naturally want the LA Chargers to pursue him for that reason. At the end of the day, with or without Hunter Henry, Rudolph does not really add anything new to the team.

If Henry re-signs and the team wants to bring in more depth with Virgil Green and potentially Stephen Anderson signing elsewhere then the front office should target a cheap blocking specialist. We outline three potential blocking tight ends to replace Green here.

Or the team could use a mid-to-late round pick on a block-first tight end. These tight ends typically fall late in the draft as they are not as flashy and the team could fill that gap with youth. With two sixth-round picks, the team certainly has the capital to do so.

Rudolph is not an ample replacement for Henry if he signs elsewhere. Personally, I would prefer if the Chargers targeted Gerald Everett and cashed in on that Brandon Staley connection. Everett is much younger with his career trajectory pointing up, not down.

And because of Rudolph’s age, the team might just be better off giving snaps to those that are already on the team. It would be better for the long-term implications of the Chargers to give snaps to Parham and Anderson (who would have to be re-signed if Henry walks) than to give it to an aging veteran in Rudolph.

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The LA Chargers do not need another depth red zone target, they have that with Parham. They either need more blocking depth or need someone who can legitimately replace Hunter Henry. Kyle Rudolph is neither of those things.