LA Chargers: The biggest concern with each interviewed head coach

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Brian Daboll: Previously failed tenures + benefitting from Josh Allen’s rise

Brian Daboll is the hottest name connected to the LA Chargers and is the favorite to get the job. Daboll and Saleh are my personal favorites as well, although there are several coaches that I would be just fine with.

The Buffalo Bills have an electric offense and Daboll has done an excellent job this year and in previous years in getting the most out of Josh Allen, whether he is playing like an MVP or a below-average quarterback. That is valuable.

Daboll has been around the league but that is not always a good thing for a coach. Daboll has several failed ventures earlier in his coaching career that could be a bit concerning. He spent time as the offensive coordinator of the Browns, Dolphins and Chiefs.

None of those offenses were particularly good and the longest he lasted as a coordinator was two seasons.

There is also this idea that Daboll is responsible for Josh Allen’s progression. Daboll absolutely deserves some credit, but again, I think fans pick and choose when to say a certain coach is responsible and a certain coach isn’t.

For example, most Charger fans love Pep Hamilton as he was the quarterbacks coach this past season for Justin Herbert, but do not give Shane Steichen much credit for developing Herbert. Yet with Daboll, he gets the credit for Allen’s rise while the Bills quarterbacks coach does not.

The person who deserves the most credit is Josh Allen, then the quarterbacks coach and then the offensive coordinator. I would not say that Daboll is wholly responsible for making Allen a better player, but he has done a good job of putting him in positions to succeed, which is important.

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That is what is valuable in a head coach: putting Justin Herbert (and the rest of the team) in a position to succeed by evaluating their strengths and weaknesses. That is why Daboll is a good option, not because he is the reason for Allen’s sudden rise to MVP-level play.