LA Chargers: The biggest concern with each interviewed head coach

Jason Reed
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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports – LA Chargers

Matt Eberflus: Getting the right people to run the offense

The sexier route for the LA Chargers to take is to hire an offensive-minded head coach that can develop a great relationship with Justin Herbert and create an offense that is suited to his strengths to maximize his potential.

However, I would not rule out some of these defensive options as they are solid coaches. Eberflus is no different. He has been fantastic as the defensive coordinator of the Colts and is one of the best coordinators in the league.

Eberflus fits the player’s coach mold to a tee and should be able to take a Chargers defense that has talent and make the most of it. The biggest worry with him is getting the right people to help on the offensive side of the ball.

Eberflus would need some help and would need a play-caller that is confident enough in maximizing Justin Herbert. The problem with that is that I do not like any of his connections in Indy and his connections prior on the Cowboys are not great either.

There is not a name that jumps off the page to help Eberflus with the offense and that is a tad concerning.