The 6 biggest LA Chargers moments from the year 2020

Jason Reed
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Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports – LA Chargers

2. Philip Rivers signing with the Indianapolis Colts

This was a massive deal. We all knew in the back of our minds that this was likely going to happen but it was still so strange to envision Philip Rivers in another uniform. We do now have to envision anymore, as Rivers has had a fairly solid season with the Indianapolis Colts.

Rivers is making a run for the playoffs with the Colts and with the Chargers out of the mix I know that most Charger fans are going to be rooting hard for Rivers in Week 17. If they get in, all of those same Charger fans are likely going to be rooting for the Colts to win the Super Bowl.

That is because of Philip Rivers. Rivers was so much more than a franchise quarterback. He was the heart and soul of this organization. He is one of the greatest San Diego athletes of all-time. He embodied what it is to play for the Chargers.

Justin Herbert is going to have to put together a lot of great seasons like his rookie season to surpass Rivers as the greatest quarterback in franchise history, but it certainly is possible. However, the love for Rivers will never be matched.

Could Charger fans love Herbert more? Sure. But the love for Rivers is different. He was the last representation of the San Diego Chargers. Heck, he stayed in San Diego after the team moved to Los Angeles.

He is a Hall of Famer without a doubt.