LA Chargers: December wins will not save Anthony Lynn’s job

Alexander Insdorf
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The stakes have changed from prior to the season

The expectations for the Chargers in future seasons have changed dramatically from what they were before the season. At one time, Tyrod Taylor was the starter before he was injured with a punctured lung. That swung open the door for Justin Herbert and he hasn’t given the job back since.

A fringe playoff contender is all the Chargers were in August. Herbert coming in has changed the trajectory. Now, this is a team that must compete for the playoffs every year.

If the Chargers were still unsure about their rookie quarterback, it might be a different situation. Los Angeles is staring down a 5-11 or 6-10 season despite maybe the greatest rookie quarterback season of all time. That’s just inexcusable going forward.

Lynn was the right man for a certain era of Chargers’ football, but time has passed him by. A young quarterback and a 4-5 year championship window simply takes precedence over him.

Telesco will also be under pressure to perform. With the selection of Herbert in the draft and the top talents on the team like Joey Bosa, Keenan Allen, Hunter Henry, Austin Ekeler, and Derwin James, he has to get the best performance possible out of the 2021 squad.

After back to back losing seasons, I don’t think he can afford to bring Lynn back for his own sake more than anything else.

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There’s too much riding on the next three to four seasons of Chargers’ football for the team to just hope Lynn figures it out next year. Rebuilding? Retooling? No, the Chargers know their competitive window starts next year.