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The Los Angeles Chargers have a future to be thankful for

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More draft capital to work with in 2021.

2021 presents the Chargers will the most draft capital that they’ve had in 17 years. The Eli Manning trade netted the Chargers a slew of picks that gave them 11 total in the 2004 draft. This year, Los Angeles is projected to have nine selections.

Philip Rivers’ departure will give the Chargers a 3rd round compensatory pick. In addition, the team traded Desmond King for a decent sixth-round pick. That draft choice came from the Titans via the Jaguars, so it will be about 20-25 spots higher.

On a technical level, the Chargers might deal their picks for a player that becomes available or accumulate more picks in the draft by moving back in a certain round. Nothing is set in stone. But coming into the draft with more capital than most other teams is huge, especially considering the potential cap shortfall.

Regardless of how free agency plays out, the Chargers will have the most draft picks they’ve had in quite some time. Considering the financial implications of the pandemic, all teams will have a larger focus on cheap draft talent. Whether the general manager is Tom Telesco or someone else, the Chargers are set up quite well for next year’s draft.