LA Chargers: Four things to know about the Bolts and Jets in Week 11

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(Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images) – LA Chargers

There are some interesting dynamics in the LA Chargers-New York Jets Week 11 showdown.

The LA Chargers take on the winless New York Jets in Week 11 and look to avoid embarrassment more than anything and move to 3-7 on the season.

With a win, some optimistic fans might even say that the Chargers could have a chance of winning out and finishing 9-7. Realistically, though, we just hope that the Chargers do not lose to the Jets of all teams.

There are some interesting dynamics in this game that are worth noting. Here are four things that viewers of the Chargers-Jets Week 11 showdown should know.

1. The New York Jets are just as bad on special teams as the LA Chargers

The LA Chargers are really bad on special teams. So are the New York Jets. It’s almost like that is a sign of a bad coaching staff.

The Chargers have been really frustrating to watch on special teams between missed coverages, blocked punts, missed punts and small returns. In Week 11, though, the Chargers should not be completely outmatched, like usual.

The Jets average the second-fewest yards per kickoff return while allowing the seventh-most yards per kickoff return, which ironically, is better than the Chargers.

I think the strangest stat around the Jets’ special teams unit is how little they have returned punts this season. This has more to do with the defense than anything but the Jets only have three punt returns this season.

Three. They force a punt, on average, once every three games. If the Chargers punt more than once it will be extremely frustrating. Speaking of that bad defense…

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