LA Chargers: The ramifications of Tyrod Taylor’s punctured lung

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(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) – LA Chargers

The ramifications of Tyrod Taylor’s punctured lung will reverberate throughout the 2020 season and beyond for the LA Chargers.

On Wednesday, Adam Schefter broke the news that Tyrod Taylor missed Sunday’s game against the Chiefs due to suffering a punctured lung as a result of a botched rib injection:

I can’t believe that I just typed that sentence, but that’s where we are. Obviously, the best of well wishes go out to Tyrod Taylor and all LA Chargers fans are hoping for a full recovery.

With Justin Herbert, the medical staff, a potential investigation, Taylor himself, and Anthony Lynn, there’s a lot of things to consider when discussing the consequences here.

Justin Herbert

While fans clamored for Herbert to be the starter following the game on Sunday, no one expected nor wanted it to happen like this. The rookie quarterback will be the starter indefinitely, since we don’t yet have a projected timeline on Taylor’s recovery.

Herbert will also be getting first-team reps. That’s a huge difference from a practice standpoint. Assuming a lung puncture could hold Taylor out for a long time, we may be talking about six to eight weeks of accelerated Herbert development. Even two or three weeks puts Herbert in a much more significant position than anyone expected him to be in early on.

Naming a starter gets put on the backburner until Taylor is healthy, but it’s hard to believe that Herbert’s performance won’t contribute to Lynn’s eventual decision. One of the reasons that Lynn had to have been so adamant about Taylor being the starter was the injury news that we didn’t know until today.

The next three games on the Chargers’ schedule are at home vs. Carolina, at Tampa Bay, and at New Orleans.

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