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LA Chargers: 3 most disappointing players from loss to Chiefs

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1. Anthony Lynn

Yep, the most disappointing player for the LA Chargers in Week 2 is not even a player. Look: we can bend the rules a little bit and it definitely is applicable in this situation. Anthony Lynn has been a great head coach for the Chargers thus far, but he messed this game up.

There were some questionable decisions from the entire coaching staff — both in the playcalling in the red-zone late in the game and the defensive playcalling against the Chiefs when they were driving to tie or take the lead.

However, the decision that irked me the most that Lynn definitely made was the decision to not go for it on fourth and one in overtime. I get it — if you do not get the yard then the Chiefs take over in field-goal range and the game is over.

But you have to realize who you were playing. The Chiefs drove less than 40 yards to kick the game-winning field goal. You saw that the defense was tired and let the Chiefs score in their last two drives of regulation. You have to bet on yourself and go win the game yourself.

Sure, the Chargers have not been great on fourth downs thus far, but that is indicative of the playcalling. With two really good running backs and a six-foot-six quarterback, you should be able to draw up a play for one yard.

According to @edjsports, Anthony Lynn’s decision to punt in OT yesterday was the third-worst coaching decision in the NFL in Week 2 and decreased the #Chargers’ chances of winning by 6.9%

— Daniel Popper (@danielrpopper) September 21, 2020

Lynn’s decision was bad, plain and simple. The Chargers’ only win against the Chiefs in the last six years was a result of Lynn’s (rightful) aggressiveness in 2018. Why flip it and be passive here?