LA Chargers Roster: How a preseason would’ve changed the final roster

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LA Chargers

(Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) – LA Chargers

The LA Chargers’ initial 53 man roster would’ve been different with a 2020 preseason.

The LA Chargers released their much anticipated 53 man roster on Saturday. There will likely be some minor tweaks and additions before the season starts, so I wouldn’t call it final. But, 50-53 of the players on this roster will be there for Week 1 at Cincinnati.

The canceled preseason due to coronavirus loomed large over the entire offseason. The season even happening was in question at points. With how coaches have used preseason as an evaluation tool for the final roster, I have to believe the final roster would’ve been different with a preseason.

Gabe Nabers or Bobby Holly avoid roster cuts

The LA Chargers ended up picking Gabe Nabers over Bobby Holly at the fullback spot on Friday…but then neither made the final roster. Nabers will join the practice squad once he clears waivers, so that’s good news for him.

If there was a full preseason, one of these players would’ve made the team. It’s just hard to really stand out as a fullback when there’s no preseason for in-game blocking evaluation.

Holly’s thumper style would’ve been more evident against real opponents he could truly hit instead of in practices or scrimmages. The versatility that’s been talked about with Nabers would’ve also been visible. the Preseason is a necessary tool when there’s not as much tape out there for certain players.  That’s especially true when talking about the fullback position.

Nabers will play for the Chargers at some point this season, but he’d have a less matchup dependent role if the preseason was played in 2020.

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