LA Chargers: 3 milestone numbers Tyrod Taylor has to hit to make playoffs

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LA Chargers

(Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images) – LA Chargers

Tyrod Taylor should have certain milestone goals if the LA Chargers want to make the playoffs.

The LA Chargers will have someone without the last name Rivers printed on their back under center for the first time in 15 years this season as Tyrod Taylor will be the starting quarterback. Taylor is essentially serving as a one-year transition quarterback to prepare future franchise quarterback, Justin Herbert.

This is not the first time that Taylor has slotted into this role before as he essentially had the same job with the Cleveland Browns in 2018. Taylor got injured in the third game of the season and Baker Mayfield took over and never relinquished the job.

This is an intriguing season for Taylor as he has never had the kind of offensive weapons that the Chargers tout (two 1,000-yard receivers, a top-10 tight end and a top-2 pass-catching running back) and he has already been a Pro Bowler and ended the Buffalo Bills’ playoff drought in the past.

The Chargers have a talented roster and whether or not the team is one of seven AFC playoff teams will be dependent on the play at the quarterback position. That is the big wild card in 2020.

How good will Tyrod have to play in 2020 for the Chargers to make the playoffs? We pinpointed three specific milestone numbers that if Taylor achieves, will lead the Chargers to the playoffs.

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