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LA Chargers: Ranking top 4 potential 2021 first-round needs

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Can we already predict what the LA Chargers will need in the 2021 NFL Draft?

NFL training camps are in full swing and football fans across the country and anxiously awaiting a hopeful NFL season that follows health and safety protocols and keeps our favorite players safe. Right now, just getting over that hurdle and getting to actual football is something that fans cannot wait for.

But what if we looked ahead? Just like general manager Tom Telesco, we have to look to the future of the LA Chargers here at Bolt Beat in our team coverage, which includes the 2021 NFL Draft.

It is still far too early to pinpoint any potential draft target (although ESPN’s Todd McShay did) but what we can do it look at the Bolts’ current roster and project what the team might need by the time April 2021 rolls around.

There are four positions to highlight.

LA Chargers’ potential 2021 first-round need: 4. Wide receiver

This is completely dependent on what happens to Keenan Allen. If the LA Chargers are unable to re-sign the star receiver then selecting a wideout in the first round seems like a guarantee. At that point, the team will be without Keenan Allen and will only have Mike Williams under contract for another year.

There are no real free agent replacement options for Allen and it would be better to draft a receiver high in the draft and give Williams a new contract, albeit one that is smaller than Allen’s. Either way, the team is going to need top of the depth chart receiver depth.

If Keenan stays then this is not a first-round need, or, if the Chargers have another shockingly disappointing season and have a pick in the top 10 then they could probably afford to save receiver for an early second-round pick, as the 2021 draft class is deep at the position like 2020.