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LA Chargers: The 5 greatest offenses in franchise history

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The LA Chargers have had some truly historic offenses.

The LA Chargers have several offensive legends in the history of the franchise and as a result, have fielded some truly fantastic offenses that stand up in the all-time rankings for any NFL team.

Inspired by our FanSided sister site, The Viking Age, we set out on the quest to determine which offense is the absolute greatest in franchise history. We crunched the numbers, as well as looking at the members of the offense, to bring you the five greatest offenses in LA Chargers’ history (post the AFL-NFL merger).

Best offenses in LA Chargers history: 5. 2004

The 2004 Chargers were third in the league in points scored per game, averaging 27.9 points per game. Yardage-wise, the team was not that impressive on paper, as they picked up 5,542 yards of offense, which was good enough for 10th in the NFL that season.

While that is not overly impressive, there are three factors that earned the five spot for this Chargers team. First is that the team ranks fifth in franchise history in total points scored; second is that went 12-4, whereas the teams that just narrowly missed the cut had worse records; third is that there are some absolute legends on this team.

Under center was Drew Brees, one of the five greatest quarterbacks of all-time. While he was not the Drew Brees yet, he was a Pro Bowler that eclipsed 3,100 yards with 27 touchdowns in 15 starts.

LaDainian Tomlinson was a Pro Bowler as well and earned his first first-team All-Pro nod. He finished the season with 1,335 rushing yards, 17 rushing touchdowns and 441 receiving yards.

The team had one of the greatest tight ends in NFL history in an All-Pro season in Antonio Gates and one of the greatest fullbacks of all-time in Lorenzo Neal. If this team had a better receiving corps (the best receiver was Eric Parker) then this could have been a Super Bowl-winning team.