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LA Chargers Roster: Predicting the 53-man roster after first cuts

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(Photo by G Fiume/Maryland Terrapins/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

LA Chargers 53-man roster prediction, wide receivers and tight ends:

Wide receivers:

  • Keenan Allen
  • Mike Williams
  • Joe Reed
  • K.J. Hill
  • Jalen Guyton
  • Darius Jennings

The LA Chargers will carry six wide receivers on the 53-man roster and each will have their own specific purpose. Quite frankly, the only “for-sure” things in the receiving corps is Keenan Allen and Mike Williams. The roles of everyone else is definitely up for grabs.

Personally, I see K.J. Hill and Joe Reed almost splitting time at the NFL level. Hill will line up primarily in the slot when the team has three-wide receiver formations and has Keenan Allen on the outside while Reed will be a gadget-play option that lines up out wide when the team wants to bring Allen into the slot.

Jalen Guyton is a speedster that can make things happen in spread formations and Darius Jennings will make the roster because of his special teams ability, even with Joe Reed also on the roster.

Tight ends:

  • Hunter Henry
  • Virgil Green
  • Donald Parham

The name that jumps out here is Donald Parham. Hunter Henry and Virgil Green are locks for the roster and I do think that Parham will beat out his competition at the tight end position.

The main reason is that Parham has proven that he can, at the very least, be a short-yardage and red-zone passing target for an NFL team. With Green being a block-first tight end, it makes more sense to bring on the player with more potential as a pass-catcher in Parham to add another weapon to the offense as well as have a cushion for a potential Henry injury.

Total roster spots filled: 19/53