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LA Chargers: Every Charger in history to be in the Madden 99 Club

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The LA Chargers have had three players in Madden history join the exclusive 99 club.

The LA Chargers do not have any 99 overall players in Madden NFL 21, as the highest player on the roster is a tie between Joey Bosa and Keenan Allen, both checking in at 91 overall.

There are five players who earned a ticket to the 99 overall club this year. Michael Thomas, Stephon Gillmore, Aaron Donald, Christian McCaffrey and Patrick Mahomes are all at the max overall that they can be.

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The Chargers have had certain players join the 99 club in their past, with two players being a part of the club multiple times. All in all, three players in franchise history have earned the honors. With Madden rating season being in prime form, we decided to break them down.

LA Chargers in the 99 overall club: Lorenzo Neal, 2007

Lorenzo Neal might be a shocking name to see on this list. Fullback is often not the first position that football fans think of, especially in today’s game where the fullback is not utilized in the same way.

Neal is one of the greatest fullbacks in NFL history and that is evident from his 99 overall rating in the 2007 edition of the game. This was coming off of a year where a certain running back that Neal was blocking for set the all-time single-season record in touchdowns.

Neal is actually the only fullback in Madden history to have a 99 overall rating. Mike Alstott had a 100 overall rating in the 2000 edition of the game before the game capped out at 99.

Neal was a Pro Bowler in 2005, 2006 and 2007 and was named an All-Pro in both 2006 and 2007. If you were running the ball with the Chargers in Madden 07, chances are that you were breaking free with great blocking ahead of you.