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LA Chargers: Five largest salaries in franchise history

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The LA Chargers have never paid a salary close to Patrick Mahomes’ new deal.

Patrick Mahomes just signed the largest contract in American sports history (without counting guarantees) with the Kansas City Chiefs. Mahomes is locked down for another 10 years on top of the two remaining years on his contract and will be paid $477 million with possible incentives bringing the deal to $503 million.

Mahomes, the best young quarterback in the league who has had an unprecedented start to his career, is worth half a billion dollars.

This deal blows every other NFL deal out of the water and a team like the LA Chargers has not had any contracts come relatively close to this deal. The Chargers are a team that has not paid a big premium for talent very often.

In honor of Mahomes’ extension, we wanted to bring you the five biggest salaries in LA Chargers’ history that are also adjusted to the 2020 salary cap figure to give a better idea of just how much they were worth.

Before we dive into it, we wanted to acknowledge that we got this idea from our FanSided sister site, The Viking Age. Also, all cap figures and the percentages of the cap that we are calculating with are via Over The Cap.