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LA Chargers: Five most disappointing seasons in franchise history

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(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) - LA Chargers /
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(Photo by Peter Brouillet/NFLPhotoLibrary) – LA Chargers /

Part of being an LA Chargers fan is dealing with disappointment.

We all know the feeling. The expectations are high, the season is promising and countless mistakes and injuries lead to a season that leaves a bad feeling in your mouth. That is the life of an LA Chargers fan.

Every sports fan can relate to this feeling in some regard, but is has seemingly become part of the Chargers’ identity; losing close games at the last second, which recently, was because of a Philip Rivers interception.

There have been a lot of great seasons in franchise history and a lot of outright bad ones. Today, we bring you the five most disappointing. Not necessarily the worst, but the most disappointing.

LA Chargers’ most disappointing seasons: 5. 2005, 9-7 record

The 2005 Chargers were a winning team with a 9-7 record and have some of the greatest players in league history on that team. This was the last year that Drew Brees was the starting quarterback, LaDainian Tomlinson was jumping into his prime, Antonio Gates was already one of the best in the league and Shawne Merriman was the rookie of the year.

It is all that talent that made this 9-7 record so disappointing. This team was much better than the record indicated and should have been a force in the playoffs. Heck, they went 12-4 the year prior and 14-2 the next year.

The sad part is that the team always showed up against the best teams in the league. They absolutely routed the New England Patriots, 41-17 and beat the Indianapolis Colts by nine. They also beat both the Giants and the Redskins, both of which were playoff teams.

The problem was that they lost both games against the Denver Broncos and split with the Kansas City Chiefs, who finished 10-6 and still did not make the playoffs. The Chargers were in the running for the playoffs as well with a 9-5 record before dropping the final two games.

Not only did the Chargers beat some of the best teams in the league, but they lost in nailbiting fashion, which is the Charger way. Their first five losses were all within four points. This is a team that legitimately could have won 13 games and easily could have made noise in the playoffs.

Instead, it wound up being Drew Brees’ last season as a Charger as he signed with the New Orleans Saints. While he did get hurt, who knows, if the team was in a playoff position maybe they rested Brees in Week 17 and the Chargers made a Super Bowl push.

Maybe, just maybe, in an alternate reality, this would have led to Brees staying with the Chargers and Rivers being traded to the New Orleans Saints.