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LA Chargers 2020 opponent preview: New York Jets

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How the LA Chargers beat the New York Jets: Disguise and switch the coverage on Sam Darnold

The New York Jets were not as bad as you may remember last season. The team was 7-9 after all and was a winning team when they actually had their quarterback, Sam Darnold, under center. Darnold and the Jets actually finished out the season with a really strong 6-2 stretch, which is usually promising for a team heading into the new year.

On paper, the Chargers are the deeper and more talented team but there are a lot of wild cards in this matchup. Darnold could finally take that next step and be a Pro Bowl-caliber quarterback, which changes the dynamic of the game. If Adams stays and C.J. Mosley returns back to form after injury then the team will have two dynamic playmakers on defense.

The best bet to beat the Jets is to take advantage of Darnold’s inexperience in the league. The New Engalnd Patriots did last year in a 33-0 routing, which spawned the infamous “I’m seeing ghosts” quote from Darnold during the game.

The Chargers have so many playmakers on the defensive side of the ball and have the unique opportunity to be creative and line several different guys up at different positions depending on the situation.

This is a game were Gus Bradley gets creative with his D and does more than the typical cover 3 that the team does and instead runs some disguises as well as different coverages and blitzes.

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With the speed on the defensive side of the ball and Darnold’s biggest weakness, decision-making, this is a recipe for success for the Bolts.