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LA Chargers: Predicting the Madden 21 ratings — quarterbacks edition

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How will the LA Chargers’ quarterbacks be rated in Madden 21?

Every year, NFL fans get to play out their favorite team’s season with EA Sports Madden franchise. This year, the LA Chargers are going to be a completely different team on Madden 21 than in past iterations as it will be the first game in a decade and a half that has Philip Rivers on a different team.

With Madden 21’s arrival imminent (sometime in August), we decided to go position-by-position on the LA Chargers and predict what we think the ratings will be. Today, we kickstart the series with the most notable position on the team, quarterback.

LA Chargers’ quarterback Tyrod Taylor Madden 21 rating prediction: 73

Unfortunately for fans of the LA Chargers, I do not think that EA Sports is going to be favorable to Tyrod Taylor to start the year and instead, fans will have to play with a low overall quarterback.

Taylor will have plenty of chances throughout the year to bump that rating up but he has not really been an impact player since the 2017 season and that is reflected on his Madden rating. He started last season as a 71 overall as the Chargers backup and was dropped to a 70 by the time the Super Bowl rolled around.

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I think he will get a three overall bump just because he is the starter in Los Angeles and that will lead to EA Sports being a bit more favorable to the dual-threat quarterback. Right away, though, fans are going to be focusing on upgrading Taylor quickly in their franchise modes.