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LA Chargers: 5 retired players who could unretire and compete right now

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Former LA Chargers that could come out of retirement: 4. Nick Hardwick

Nick Hardwick is one of the best offensive linemen in franchise history and certainly is one of the most popular as he anchored the offensive line during the team’s most successful period in the mid-to-late 2000s.

However, Hardwick’s last season was also six years ago (2014) so it might seem a bit absurd to say that he could still compete in the NFL in 2020. He definitely is young enough to still produce and if he did not deal with the injuries that forced him out of the league, then he undoubtedly could still be producing in the league.

Hardwick turns 39 in September and was forced to retire in February 2015, at 33 years old. Hardwick suffered various injuries including a neck injury that compressed his nerves and caused things such as numbness in his hands.

He made the right decision and got out of the league while he was ahead.

There is precedent for old offensive linemen in the NFL. In fact, left tackle Jason Peters has been a dream target for fans this offseason and Peters is only four months younger than Hardwick. Peters is still an above-average left tackle.

Hardwick was a beast. While he only made the Pro Bowl one time, he was a consistent and driving force that anchored the middle of the Chargers’ offensive line.