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LA Chargers: 5 retired players who could unretire and compete right now

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Former LA Chargers that could come out of retirement: 2. Darren Sproles

It might seem like this article is going to be filled with guys who just recently retired and us saying that they have one more year left in the tank. That is not the case at all. We are simply going in order of how recently the players retired and we conveniently have two players who just played their last season but could still compete in 2020.

We are not including every recently retired former Charger on this list. Antonio Gates did not make it, as he is past the point of competing in the NFL.

You could say the same about Darren Sproles because of the injuries that he racked up later in his career but if Sproles was healthy, there is not a doubt in my mind that he could be a rotational running back and special teams threat to this day for a contending team.

He is not someone who is going to have a massive workload and would probably only play 25 percent of the offensive snaps, at the very most, but he is still someone who could be a threat in the running and passing game if schemed correctly.

His last three years say otherwise as his numbers are terrible because he could not stay healthy. He missed a combined 33 games in those three seasons.

He is turning 37 before the season and that is ancient for NFL running backs but Frank Gore is still going (and producing) and he just turned 37 this month. What Gore has had that Sproles didn’t is good injury luck, and if Sproles stayed moderately healthy, there is no doubt that he would be playing in 2020.