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LA Chargers: 3 players that must improve to make the playoffs

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3. Tyrod Taylor

There is not a player that has caused a bigger discussion this offseason than Tyrod Taylor and no matter how much you would rather see Justin Herbert starting in 2020, Tyrod Taylor is more than likely going to be the guy.

Again, if you are a frequent reader of Bolt Beat then you know I am not particularly high on Tyrod Taylor. I think he is a fine quarterback but is not one that can take this roster as far as they could go otherwise. I really do hope that he proves me wrong.

Taylor was solid in Buffalo, but he was never more than an average quarterback. He was awful in his short stint in Cleveland, but he was in an awful situation and it is such a small sample size that we cannot fully hold it against him.

It is the most recent sample size though and when you really boil it down, Taylor has not been a solid starting quarterback since the 2017 season. That is a long time and to just outright expect him to thrive is a big hang-up for me.

The argument is that he took the Buffalo Bills to the playoffs and that roster was less talented and that is absolutely true, but in a really tough AFC West, while also playing a really tough NFC South, Tyrod is going to have to at least play like his Pro Bowl 2015 season.

If you really break down the numbers, Taylor is almost identical to Marcus Mariota, although he has fewer interceptions. If it was Mariota instead of Taylor in power blue Charger fans likely would not have been as excited, hence why I am not enthralled with Taylor starting.

Could he prove me wrong and play good enough for the team to make the playoffs? Absolutely, and I hope he does. I genuinely do hope that he makes me eat crow after the season.

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But at the end of the day, regardless of how you or I think he might do, he has to be better than the last time we saw him for the Bolts to make the playoffs.