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LA Chargers: 3 players that must improve to make the playoffs

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2. Trey Pipkins

Ironically, Trey Pipkins is another player that I am much higher on than the casual Charger fan is and is someone who I expect to blow a lot of people away in 2020. Of course, that will only be the case if he improves and plays even better than he did in 2019.

The Chargers kind of need Trey Pipkins to play better in 2020. This is assuming that the team does not sign Jason Peters, but Pipkins is the best starter the team has for left tackle.

I think we can all agree that nobody wants to see Sam Tevi starting at left tackle and while the idea of Forrest Lamp moving to left tackle is intriuging, the tea might be better off starting him at left guard or utilizing him for guard depth.

Pipkins was better than Charger fans gave him credit for. A lot of fans wanted the team to draft a tackle in the fourth round of the 2020 NFL Draft, expecting it to be a huge improvement, forgetting that the team took a tackle in the third round a year prior in Pipkins.

Pipkins is a developmental selection, the Chargers knew that when they picked him. He was also kind of thrown to the wolves in his first season and rushed into a prominent role before he was ready.

With that in mind, you cannot be too mad at how Pipkins played. He said some mistakes and some pressures allowed, sure, but he also put out a lot of good tape that should be promising not only for 2020 but for the future of the left tackle position.

Remove some/most of those boneheaded plays and the Chargers have a fairly solid left tackle prospect to look forward to.