Los Angeles Chargers most important backups in 2019

By Tyler Gallagher
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While the Los Angeles Chargers have several stars, football is a team sport. Some of the players without regular roles on game day will be important to the Chargers’ success over the course of the year.

This Chargers team has legitimate Super Bowl aspirations, and past champions have shown that stars alone will not win a title. On great teams, no role is too small.

One frequently overlooked role is that of a backup. While a backup typically means any non-starter, this article examines non-starters without a major role on the average game day.

For example, Austin Ekeler should not be defined as a backup but rather as a role player. His role on a weekly basis is important, and this article does not examine his clearly defined importance.

Instead, this article examines those without a regular role. As evidenced by last year, each game of the regular season matters.

Had the Chargers beaten the Denver Broncos in Week 11, they would have claimed the AFC’s first seed and an easier road to the Super Bowl. With each individual game being so important, backups can be pressed into important roles at a moment’s notice.

This is a look at some of the Chargers’ most important backups for the 2019 season. While some of these players may not be called upon in 2019, several will be asked to step up. Their performance could decide the Chargers’ fate this year.