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Bolt Beat Monday Mailbag: Chargers need to get help for Denzel Perryman

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Question 1: With the Pouncey signing it seems clear the Chargers will target a defensive pick @ #17, even though there’s a chance TT might pick OT McGlinchey there… what do you think Telesco will do and why? – IgotYa

There’s always going to be a chance that OT is picked at No. 17, but this is so likely to be a defensive pick that we can almost expect a linebacker or defensive tackle there. I’m not writing off the possibility of a safety, either. We’ve been surprised before, however; both Joey Bosa in 2016 and Mike Williams in 2017 were different players than most pundits/fans/mocks had the team taking. I think it’s a smarter move to take a linebacker first and use the depth of the draft to take a defensive tackle in the second or possibly third. But my favorite player heading into the draft for the Chargers to select at 17 is Vita Vea, someone I would kill to have fall to us mid-round.

That being said, as “boring” as an offensive tackle pick could be, it’s still a good selection. Russell Okung came in last year (albeit as a free-agent veteran) and almost single-handedly changed the offensive line starting at the left tackle position.

Depending on which player position Telesco selects, here are the men they’d be replacing:

  • Defensive tackle: Brandon Mebane/Corey Liuget
  • Linebacker: Hayes Pullard/Jatavis Brown
  • Offensive tackle: Joe Barksdale

If I had a choice of replacing one of those players, it would be (to the shock of no one) linebacker Hayes Pullard. And that’s why I think the first pick is linebacker.

Question 2: What would be better for the run defense, a big body DT rookie or a LB rookie? -DrJWC

I believe a big-bodied defensive tackle is better for the run defense than a linebacker. I almost look at it the reverse way: A running back can be incredibly talented, but without room to run it’s hard to find consistent success. You have exceptions with players like Adrian Peterson, but for the most part it’s hard to beat the defense if you’re being hit behind the line of scrimmage. I believe a defensive tackle has the greater potential to disrupt an offense than a linebacker in the run game, simply because he’s closer to the line to create chaos.