Chargers Draft

Ranking Tom Telesco’s draft rounds with the Chargers

CARSON, CA - OCTOBER 22: Mike Williams
CARSON, CA - OCTOBER 22: Mike Williams
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GREEN BAY, WI – OCTOBER 18: Keenan Allen
GREEN BAY, WI – OCTOBER 18: Keenan Allen

Round 3:

  • 2013: Keenan Allen, Wide Receiver, California
  • 2014: Chris Watt, Offensive Guard, Notre Dame
  • 2015: Craig Mager, Cornerback, Texas State
  • 2016: Max Tuerk, Center, USC
  • 2017: Dan Feeney, Guard, Indiana

MVP: Keenan Allen. Top five wide receiver when healthy, and the best offensive weapon for the Chargers.

LVP: Max Tuerk. Lost positional battles to either Spencer Pulley or Kenny Wiggins. No longer with team.

Why it’s ranked fourth:

There’s only one reason this round is ranked so high, and his name is Craig Mager.

I’m kidding. It’s Pro-Bowl wide receiver Keenan Allen.

By some miracle, a legitimate first-round receiver fell into Telesco’s lap in the third round. If not for concerns over his health, Allen would have gone much sooner. Now, he’s putting up 102 catches for 1,393 yards and six touchdowns a year removed from tearing his ACL.

Dan Feeney is the starting offensive guard (or center) moving forward, which raises this round’s ranking even further. If one more pick had landed even as a decent starter or second-string player from this round, I could see it moving to first overall. Unfortunately, sandwiched between Allen and Feeney is a blue and gold dumpster fire.

Chris Watt was taken two rounds sooner than most projected, and was stuck in a spot he had never played in college. Terrible value. Mager was a risky selection, and has yet to make meaningful impact on the field. Basically a bust. Tuerk was actually a good selection, so we thought, because he was a good starter at USC recovering from injury. The value would have been excellent if he played last season; instead, he’s a reserve player on the Arizona Cardinals. Waste.