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Three reasons the Los Angeles Chargers win against the Washington Redskins

CARSON, CA - DECEMBER 03: Keenan Allen
CARSON, CA - DECEMBER 03: Keenan Allen
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2. The Chargers have good luck this season.

No, seriously. Take a look at this play:

The Cleveland Browns passed on Joey Bosa in 2016. Today, he ended them.

— Eleven Warriors (@11W) December 3, 2017

— Tyler Schoon (@tjscooter30) December 10, 2017

I’m not talking about the sack fumble; that’s hard work and effort by Joey Bosa. It’s what happens afterward. Ball bounces, Denzel Perryman practically knocks it 15 yards towards the sideline, and it should go out of bounds. Instead the ball bounces near the sideline, up into Casey Hayward’s face, and straight down into the waiting arms of Perryman. That’s luck.

The Chargers have also gotten lucky not having to play against a few key stars in recent games (Ezekiel Elliott, Sean Lee, even Tyrod Taylor for a half). This one is no different. The Washington Redskins will be without back Chris Thompson, who exploded for the first two-thirds of the season before being lost with a fibular fracture. Jordan Reed, a talented playmaker when on the field, will also not be returning. Even their offensive line is banged up. There’s more luck.

I may be the only one, but I believe that the Chargers are starting to have some luck go their way for once. Will the Bolts win on luck alone? No, this is a pretty solid football team, and they’ll win because they’re better. But it sure does help when the ball bounces your way.