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The Los Angeles Chargers’ midseason awards that matter

FOXBORO, MA - OCTOBER 29: Travis Benjamin
FOXBORO, MA - OCTOBER 29: Travis Benjamin
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Every year, NFL sites put out their lists of midseason awards for Most Valuable Player, Best Draft Pick, Best Coach, etc.


Instead of drumming up the same nonsense, I am here to bring you the Chargers’ midseason awards that truly matter. We’ve had some great (and less-than-great) moments through eight weeks, and here are some of them that deserve a bit more attention:

Best Biceps: Head coach Anthony Lynn


— KP (@KP_Show) October 23, 2017

Does coach still want to play? Because he sure looks to be in shape. And by “in shape” I mean the guy-you-let-run-past-you-in-flag-football-in-fear-of-losing-your-soul-to-a-vicious-hit “in shape”. What a welcome sight from the visor-wearing lizard we had last season.

Worst Play: Travis Benjamin’s punt return

This is the worst punt return in football history

— Pete Blackburn (@PeteBlackburn) October 29, 2017

The video speaks for itself. And I’d rather not talk about it…moving on.

Best Jason Verrett Impression: Trevor Williams

OAKLAND, CA – OCTOBER 15: Trevor Williams
OAKLAND, CA – OCTOBER 15: Trevor Williams

You didn’t see this one coming. I didn’t see this one coming. But here it is:

Former undrafted free agent Trevor Williams is playing like one of the most dominant cornerbacks in the league.

I Google’d “Trevor Williams” to double-check spelling (you never know), and all I got was some pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates. You have to scroll down just to find a mention of Chargers’ cornerback Trevor Williams. This guy was a relative nobody. Not any more.

I thought one or two games into the season that he was playing out of his mind. I remember Shareece Wright playing ridiculously well in some stretches, like the miracle 2013 win in Denver where he somehow stopped Demaryius Thomas for most of the night. Sometimes “OK” guys have great games.  Williams, however, has not had one such game this year. He’s done it in all eight. According to Pro Football Focus, Williams is the ninth-highest rated player at his position (Casey Hayward is the sixth-highest). Keep it up Mr. Williams.