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Jamal Williams back with the San Diego Chargers


Jamal Williams is coming back to the San Diego Chargers.

I wish that he was lacing the cleats up all over again and getting back on the field even though he is 40! I wish that was the case, but instead he will be serving as a coaching intern, according to He will be on the sideline, learning from the other coaches and also helping the defensive linemen make some big things happen.

Ever since Jamal hung up the cleats and jersey, it feels like we have had a gigantic hole in the middle of our defensive line. We have gone from Antonio Garay to Sean Lissemore to some other random dudes that we put in the middle of the defensive line to get manhandled. It has been a struggle to find someone to stick in that spot for more than a couple of seasons.

This year, we will be hoping for something different. Jamal will be helping a group that we have a lot more optimism for going into the year. At some point, Joey Bosa will be on the field on the defensive line. We are just waiting for that dang contract situation to get settled. We added Brandon Mebane onto the roster in the offseason, too. There is some fresh talent on the team. These additions to the team should give us a boost that we need.

Can we hear the shouts of “YOU CAN’T RUN” again in the Chargers stadium? I know that Denzel Perryman will be hoping for some help up front. If he gets a little bit of help, he will be lurking behind looking to make the knockout hit.

What do you think about our defensive line going into the year? It is 10x better than it was in the past!