Chargers stadium update: Two-thirds vote required


Though the San Diego Chargers likely knew two-thirds of voters approving their new stadium ballot measure if November would likely be required, on Wednesday it was confirmed, reports Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union Tribune.

While Chargers fans likely don’t want to talk about the team potentially moving and would instead like to focus on the game and the players, this is an issue that won’t be going away. In fact, this ruling highlights how tough getting voters to approve the new stadium is going to be.

As Acee writes, most opponents of the measure felt that getting 50 percent of voters to agree was going to be tough. Getting two-thirds may be impossible.

“California’s two-thirds requirement for tax hikes is a political Mount Everest. Here, given the current climate of some 60 percent of potential voters being opposed to public funds being used for a stadium, it is more like climbing to the moon on a stairway of pixie dust”, says Acee.

The Chargers are going to have to somehow find overwhelming support from within the community. Where is that going to come from? Does the team have that already?

Perhaps if the Chargers contend for the playoffs and more this year, people will get on board. There are others who may not care what happens with the team or may not feel a new football stadium is best for the city.

The good news is, the measure should land on November’s ballot after the organization was able to collect 110,000 signatures—only about 67,000 were needed. However, for the Chargers to avoid landing in Los Angeles—or even Las Vegas—there will need to be much more support.

It’s going to be an interesting situation to follow and though the more “fun” stories take place on the field, this is one that Chargers fans shouldn’t ignore.