Chargers Draft

Chargers Draft – Day 2 Open Thread!!!


The Chargers scooped up Joey Bosa in the first round yesterday.  Bosa is a great talent, however some of us felt like the Chargers might have been trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. If the Chargers can adapt their defensive scheme in a way that allows Bosa to shine, then this is a great pick.  Will the Chargers move to a more traditional 4-3?  Looking at the roster it still feels like there might not be enough quality interior linemen on the team to make it happen…

But the draft is not over.

Looking at the board as we get ready to start day 2 the name A’Shawn Robinson jumps out at me.  He may even be the BPA at this point.

A’Shawn would allow the Chargers to play a more traditional 4-3 and keep Bosa at a more traditional DE position.  This would fix the Chargers D-line problems.  The team could actually do things like stop the run and put pressure on the QB.

Now does it happen, or does TT reach on a WR?  I got that anxious feeling again…

Who do you guys think the Chargers will nab with the second pick?

And what about the 3rd round? I’m still looking at a center for the Chargers there.  Bring home Max Tuerk!