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At least one person believes Chargers will stay in San Diego


If the San Diego Chargers are going to leave for Los Angeles, that still has to be worked out with Stan Kroenke and the Rams. However, Roger Noll, an economics professor at Stanford University, doesn’t believe a deal between the two will ever come to fruition.

In an interesting article that appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Noll cites things like the lack of business an NFL team brings to an area as well as the fact that the Rams wouldn’t make as much money on things like tickets and luxury boxes as reasons he doesn’t see a deal being struck.

Interesting take, but that doesn’t mean he’s right. Should the Chargers move into the Los Angeles market, the team would make money. Dean Spanos is only thinking about making the franchise more valuable, not the local area. Moving to Los Angeles would accomplish that.

Noll is right about the Rams side of things and that could be the biggest roadblock to the deal taking place. It makes sense for the Rams to make as much money as possible as the only tenant in the new stadium.

Spanos would then likely have to decide whether he wanted to pay what would likely be a very high price to rent the new Inglewood facility on top of the $500 million the team would have to give the league to move to Los Angeles.

If the Chargers stay in San Diego, these would be the reasons why. In fact, Noll points out both San Antonio and Las Vegas as more likely landing spots for the Chargers than Los Angeles.

Spanos isn’t that desperate to leave the city, is he? He knew the Los Angeles on option was there, and he tried to jump on it. Unfortunately for him, the league sided with the Rams as the team to get into that market first, making things a little tougher on him than he hoped.

For fans in San Diego, there may be reason for optimism after all.