The Chargers removed the “San Diego” off their Facebook logo

Just the Chargers doing their normal stupid thing. Just yesterday, the Chargers Facebook site changed their logo to remove the “San Diego” off of the name and also removed the lightning bolt.

Here is what the two different logos look like on Facebook:


12370776_10153559244362713_4352672073415274206_o 12646685_10153641628537713_5535909335945003266_o

Just what we wanted to see in San Diego in the middle of all this Los Angeles talk. How long until they just put the Los Angeles on there? How much longer should we wait?

Why can’t the PR department just troll us a little more about this Los Angeles situation? They have been making changes like this to the logo in the past and the timing on this one is just poor unless there is an announcement that is coming out that I am unaware of.

I hate how freaking clueless some of the Chargers staff is. This likely came from a higher authority, but it still was a stupid idea. They probably like the way it looks cleaner on the stupid Snapchat icon, but it is still a stupid move by the team.

Can’t wait to see what other stupid things they do in the next couple of weeks!