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Jason Verrett To Play In 2016 Pro Bowl

By Peter Thompson

Well, here is some amazing news! The San Diego Charger’s star cornerback Jason Verrett will play in this year’s Pro Bowl in Hawaii. This young man has been spectacular, and is the first Chargers cornerback to go to the Pro Bowl since Antonio Cromartie! That was in 2008… 8 years ago. Way too long.

Anyway, the Chargers have struggled to find quality cornerbacks for a long time, and we have certainly landed a good one in Verrett. Here is what he had to say in an article on the team’s website:

“This is a huge honor,” he said after learning the news.  “This is something I’ve been watching since I was a kid.  Once I found out, I called my family and they were all hyped about it.  This is a huge honor, and I’m looking forward to playing in this game itself the most. To be honest, that’s going to be the most fun part about it all.”

He also added:“It hasn’t sunk in too much that I am Pro Bowler just yet, but that is why I play this game: to be one of the best.  Right now it’s happening that way, and I want to keep things going that route.  I’m definitely soaking it all in.”

Verrett led the team with 3 interceptions, 11 passes defensed, 47 tackles, and two tackles for a loss. That was enough to get him into the show after Darell Revis could not play, due to injury. Verrett missed some playing time, so there is a lot to be said for his performance this year, and his potential for the future. His most memorable moment of the season was this interception for a pick-six against Jay Cutler on Monday night football.

After a disappointing season, and two weeks of the most exhausting developments in Charger history, it is nice to have something for the fans to be happy about, and for us all to be proud of. Great job Jason! We can’t wait to see what else you can do to make this team great again!