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Chargers Off-Season To-Do List


That was a painful season for the Chargers.  I watched all the games but checked out of writing near the end there.  It was too painful. But now that it is over we can begin to talk about what the Chargers need to do to right the ship.

#1. Fire Mike McCoy  Bring in a strong Offensive CoordinatorWell the firing didn’t happen.  The Chargers are giving McCoy another year to see if he can redeem this mess.  Let’s hope he turns it around.  But heads had to roll after a 4-12 season and the offensive coaching staff took the blow.  Now the Chargers need to bring in a strong offensive coordinator.  I am hoping for Whisenhunt.  Mainly because he is the best tested talent available.  He can get this offense pointed in the right direction – enough so to win games.  It looks like Pagano will stay.  The defense played better in the second half, but changes need to be made.  The Chargers had one of the worst run defense in the league.  Pagano needs to spend the off season finding a way to remedy this.

#2. Sign Weddle, Gates and others.Can they reach an agreement with Weddle.  I don’t hold out much hope.  Will the Chargers franchise tag him?  Possibly.  Will Weddle give 100% if they do?  I am ok with letting Weddle go, but if they can sign him to a 3 year deal at the current rate it would be great to have his leadership back.

It looks like Gates may be back for another year.  I am sure this will get done.

Joe Barksdale, Patrick Robinson, Ricardo Mathews, Ladarius Green and Dontrelle Inman all need to be signed.

#3. Do something in free agency.Von Miller or Malik Jackson anyone?  It is way too early to know who will actually hit the market, but we can dream right?  ILB, Safety, Corner and WR are positions that the Chargers will want to add depth to through free agency.

#4. Draft Lineman with the first 4 picks.Telesco’s failure to draft lineman in the early rounds of the draft is why this team struggled.  The defense is one of the worst in the league in stopping the run and the offense failed to establish a running game while also giving up the most sacks.  The trenches need to be strengthened and if the Chargers do not come away with four lineman in the first 4 rounds this draft will be a failure.

There is a lot of work to be done this off-season, but not an insurmountable amount.  GO BOLTS!