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Eric Weddle deserves better


Why are the San Diego Chargers acting foolish with one of the top players on their team? I understand that they have no intention on bringing Eric Weddle back for another season, but that doesn’t mean that we have to treat him like trash on the way out.

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Eric just wanted to sit for the half to see his daughter on the field. He was just being a good father and we could have made an exception to the rule for this one time. The team has no hope of the playoffs, but they still felt that a fine was needed for Eric to sit around during that time.

Weddle doesn’t deserve this type of treatment. He has done everything that the team has asked and has even stepped onto the field this season on defense knowing that he was not going to get a deal with the Chargers. He just kept working and was a great teammate on the team. He sat around on the final home game and was the last player on the field signing autographs for the fans.

Weddle is loved by the fans in San Diego. He has his faults on the field, but he still has been an excellent player for the team and has been asked to do a number of things on this defense. Some of the things that were asked of from John Pagano didn’t highlight his top skills, but Weddle was willing to do it.

Weddle is going to move on to another roster next season and if he has a good coordinator working with him, he will be recognized as a top safety all over again.

I hope the best for Weddle and respect that man for everything he has gone through and for everything he has done. Thanks Eric!