Chargers Draft

Bolt Beat Tailgate

By Peter Thompson


Tomorrow is probably the last Charger home game, and the last home game of the season. Miami shut us out last time, so I hope that we destroy them, and make Suh an overpaid ghost of the NFL.

We are going to meet under the trolly bridge, near the ramp entrance. We will be showing Bolt Beat Colors, so it shouldn’t be too hard to spot us. Please bring your Charger attitude, and maybe a kind beverage or food. We’ll be there by around 10am, until game time.

This could be it, so let us see yer Bolts! Let us see what they cannot buy, or sell. Let us see YOU.

Whatever the seat assignment… whatever the distance (short or long)… Remember that the Murph is yours. Qualcomm is yours. Remember that the Chargers are yours. Don’t let anyone tell you any different.

Love the San Diego Chargers. It’s not about who owns it. It’s not about who claims it. It’s never been about where they are located.

It’s yours, and it will continue to be yours.

Come out to the parking lot. You don’t have to buy tickets, just come out. Partake in the festivities. If you can’t, just know that there are Charger fans who will be there in your honor. We have a lot of out of state homies, and I want to let them know that we be doin it right! You will be well represented, Truth be told.

Let them know that this is a football town. Let them know that Bolt Beat strikes hard, and true… and there are lightning flowers everywhere. You can’t deny that.

Until tomorrow… Everything else is just a lite. Stay Classy San Diego. You always have.

Keep Bolting Toward Excellence