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3 more weeks to suffer with the Chargers


I don’t even know what it feels like when the Chargers score a touchdown anymore. This team has gotten so bad that we can’t even put any points on the board. We have 6 total points in the last 2 games that we have played. Just a couple of field goals for this offense.

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We can’t even get pissed off at the defense in this game for the Chargers. They held the Chiefs to 10 points and gave the team an opportunity to win at the end of the game. We ended up with NOTHING though.

I am tired of this team’s offense. I am tired of the effort that this team puts on the field.

Who are we going to blame this on? I don’t even know why we are thinking about keeping our head coach around for another season. I don’t care about the mass injuries we have on this team. I don’t want to hear that excuse anymore. Injuries happen all over the league and this team has some big ones, but maybe it is partly on the coaches and the way they run practice as well. Maybe it is the stupid gameplan that they have.

Whatever the reason for the downward spiral that we have on this team, we need to fix it! We need a change in a bad way and it starts with the head coach. I don’t see one positive about keeping McCoy around. Let’s make a change already!

6 points total in the last 2 weeks tells me enough. We are gunning for that top overall draft pick and we better be thinking about our next head coach! We only have 3 more weeks left with this team. Can we at least show a glimmer of hope for next year. We have Jason Verrett. At least we have Jason Verrett.