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Will the Chargers re-sign Antonio Gates at the end of the year?


Will the San Diego Chargers re-sign Antonio Gates at the end of the year? Will Gates even want to return at the end of the year?

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I would love to keep Gates around for his entire career. If he doesn’t want to hang his cleats up just yet, then he should keep wearing them in a Chargers uniform. Whether that is a San Diego Chargers uniform or a Los Angeles Chargers uniform remains to be seen. He still should be rocking the blue and gold either way.

Gates is a legend in San Diego and still has the ability to find some space and move the chains and score touchdowns. With him getting up there in age, he likely will look for a reduced role on offense, but he still would be very effective. His role would be to move the chains and score touchdowns. He knows how to make that happen.

With a reduced role, the team would need to find a tight end that can play on first and second down. It would make sense for the Chargers to have someone that can plow a lane for Melvin Gordon to burst through. I don’t know where that leaves Ladarius Green. Green is also a free agent and has shown potential to be a solid player, but he has never stepped into the level that the fans had expected. He still would be a solid player to keep around.

I am not sure what the asking price for Gates would be at the end of the year, but he should remain with Philip Rivers and the Chargers. Keep him around and let him ride into the sunset on this roster. Hopefully we can make the changes to make this team a winner again.