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What is the future for coaches with the Chargers?


What does the future hold for our San Diego Chargers? What are we going to get in the offseason. Obviously Tom Telesco will still be around making the calls at the very top. He just got a contract extension at the beginning of the year and the team trusts him to make the calls.

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It looks more and more like the Chargers will be sticking with Mike McCoy as the head coach. It pains me to say it, but the longer that he sticks around the more I believe that he will be the head coach again next season. It seems that the team will be making changes with their coordinators. Hopefully we can at least get a change there!

Frank Reich and John Pagano have driven the fans crazy. Reich is stubborn with his playcalling and lacks the ability to adapt to his talent. John Pagano’s defense has been awful to watch for the last few seasons. Hopefully a change with the coordinators can help this team out.

Who will the Chargers bring in to coach the offense and the defense? On offense, I could see the team looking at Ken Whisenhunt again. Whiz did well with Philip Rivers and was able to lean on the run game on offense. He already knows a lot of the players on the roster and could be brought back to coach the offense. We already know he is a better option than Frank.

On defense, could the team just bring up one of the possible coordinators that is already on the team? Would they bring up Mike Nolan to run the defense? He has spent the last season running the team’s linebackers and could be used as the defensive coordinator. The team could also look at some of the head coaches that are on the hot seat. A coach like Mike Pettine could be a name that becomes available and could bring a new attitude to the defense.