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Chargers: Why not Danario Alexander?


Why didn’t the San Diego Chargers take a chance on Danario Alexander? Honestly?! What is there to lose for the team at this moment?

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Danario Alexander showed that he can be an impressive receiver on THIS TEAM before and if he is looking to get back on the field, then we should give him that chance. He would get the opportunity to prove that he can still play and if he still is that gamebreaker, then we would be able to add him on for cheap!

What is there to lose!?

Do we trust his knees? NO! We don’t trust that he will stay healthy, but we will take a possible playmaker on the roster over the bunch of scrubs that we are bringing off of the trash heap. We brought back Vincent Brown to play receiver again. We should also bring back Danario Alexander and let him run around at receiver.

The Chargers will have Malcom Floyd, Tyrell Williams, Javontee Herndon and Vincent Brown for the coming weekend. The young guys are going to get their opportunities to play. Will any of them show that they have a future in this league? We need someone to step it up in order to make the rest of this season watchable.