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Rams looking to bring the Chargers with them to LA


How much longer will we be able to call our team the San Diego Chargers? The thoughts of Los Angeles have been on the mind for a long time now and every single day seems like we are going to take a step in that direction.

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This time around, the Rams are looking to join up with a team on their plans on heading out to Los Angeles. According to bizjournals, they are pitching out the idea of the Chargers joining them on their move to LA. They will likely have a plan for the Raiders to join them as well. The Rams want to get to Los Angeles and they will find any way to make that happen.

The owners are meeting and the possibilities are being discussed. The Chargers and Raiders had their ideas of building a stadium in Carson that they would share, but the Rams want to build a stadium and share it with one of those teams in order to squash those other plans in Carson.

The Los Angeles Chargers…. sounds real crappy, but it seems that we will be stepping in that direction in the near future. I don’t know if it will be in Carson or in Inglewood or just some other location in Los Angeles. All this talk has been dragging around for so long that it is a joke to try to keep up with.

Where does San Diego fit in the situation? We just get to sit around and watch. Pretty awful situation.