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Goodell: San Diego likely will not have a plan in time to keep Chargers


Every step we see shows that the Chargers will be dipping out of San Diego and the likely relocation will end up in San Diego. The latest bomb to drop on all of the San Diego Chargers fans comes from Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Here is what he had to say about the situation:

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell just said it appears San Diego will not be able to present a viable plan in time to keep the #Chargers.

— UTKevinAcee (@UTKevinAcee) December 2, 2015


Here is more information on this madness:

Goodell is saying home cities need foolproof plans. No contingencies, no loopholes, no votes. Basically, making case for relocation "easy"

— Annie Heilbrunn (@annieheilbrunn) December 2, 2015

Should we just start to wonder if the team is going to be part of Inglewood or part of Carson? Should we just root for one and not the other now?

I already know that there will be a ton of disgruntled fans that will not even root for the Chargers if they skip out of town… especially if the team is going to Los Angeles. Just another reason for San Diego sports fans to hate that city!

If/when the Chargers dip out of town, we will get to root for the San Diego Padres as our only home professional sports team and then we will be all in with San Diego State.

Is there any hope out there that the Chargers will stay in San Diego? At this moment, it seems that the question is“when” and not “if”. I wonder when they will seal the deal with the move and drop the hammer on all of us?