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Chargers OC Frank Reich interviewing for Maryland head coaching job

By Ernie Padaon

Apparently there are some people that believe that Frank Reich is going to be a good head coach. Even after what he has done with the San Diego Chargers offense this year. Everyone can love on the numbers that Philip Rivers has put up, but Philip could do that with anyone calling the plays as the coordinator.

Frank Reich on the other hand lacks the ability to adapt to his roster. He lacks the ability to create on offense. If that is what Maryland wants out of their head coach, then they can have him.

Maryland gave him an interview for him to be the next head coach and I hope he gets the job. He shouldn’t be around here after the end of the year.

Chargers offensive coordinator Frank Reich has interviewed for the vacant Maryland job his alma mater.

— John Kentera (@CoachKentera) December 1, 2015

The Chargers should be cleaning out the front office by the end of the year. Mike McCoy shouldn’t be on the headset with his visor on with the Chargers at the end of the year and the coordinators should be hitting the line at the unemployment office as well. John Pagano and Frank Reich both will be looking for some new gigs. At least we know that Frank is smart enough to begin searching for that new job now.

I can’t see any possible way that Frank Reich stays with the Chargers for next season…. but this is the Chargers that we are talking about.