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The Chargers can’t even lose right


The Chargers can’t even lose right! With any hopes for this season already out of reach, fans barely care about what happens for the rest of the way. Some fans are even hoping for the Chargers to keep losing out so that they can get the highest possible draft pick in the offseason.

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Instead, the Chargers went into Jacksonville and pulled out the win. Instead of sitting at the basement in the standings, the team is now better than the Cleveland Browns and the Tennessee Titans.

Nobody is going to fault the Chargers for winning any more games and putting out the effort that they do. It will just make it more frustrating for the fans if we see a few more wins put up in the standings. Why would the team start winning their games so late in the season and couldn’t get the wins earlier in the year. Every win gives Mike McCoy a little more hope to stick around as the head coach. Didn’t we see that happen with Norv Turner before? We stuck around with him for an extra season because he was able to rally the team one more time.

The rest of the schedule is littered with AFC West opponents. Can the Chargers get another win inside the division?