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Weekly Fire Mike McCoy Thread

By Ernie Padaon

Again, the San Diego Chargers went onto the field and played like crap. Did we expect anything different? After a BYE  week, did we expect the team to pull off a win against the Kansas City Chiefs? If we expected differently, then you have not been watching this season.

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The team was given an extra week to practice and an extra week to prepare and NOTHING was different. At this point, firing Mike McCoy is inevitable. We are just waiting till the end of the season to make the move and if Mike McCoy is actually coaching this team past black Monday then we all will riot.

It has been sad to watch this team get on the field. Every single game, we have a half dozen players leave with an injury. The preparation and the gameplan has been awful.

It is time to look for new head coaching candidates. This defense is a joke. This team will be looking at the top draft pick and we may not see another win this season.

Mike McCoy has taken this team and has brought it down to the basement of the league. The vets on the roster are saying that “there is no other place to go but up”, but at this point, I don’t even think that they believe in themselves. You would have hoped that the team was going to come out with a little bit more passion after a BYE, but instead we got romped.

I still vote we fire Mike right now, just to give us all a change and to relieve the coach from making this team look any more stupid!