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Post Game Review


I know it was harsh pulling the plug on the open thread, but it was ridonk. First time I have ever done that. Hopefully last time.

So, the Chargers are a hot mess. I want to give it up to Keenan Allen, because of that layout where he caught an impossible catch, while lacerating his kidney, because that’s the poster of the season. The first play of the second half was deplorable. That is a play where you should already know what you are going to do, and it was like nobody knew what their assignment was.

So, I’ll keep it short. The Chargers are terrible…. First quarter zero… second quarter 3… third quarter zero… fourth quarter… who cares.

Bolt Beat are the best fans I’ve seen around, and I’m real sorry I fumbled that one. I pray for a new day of Charger History. One we can all be proud of. Who knows? Maybe these players who are playing so badly right now, and who are injured, can come back & make themselves proud. Because after a bye week, and a full season of preparation, something is seriously wrong. Besides injury.

So, I will close with this.. keep supporting Bolt Beat, keep supporting the Chargers… keep hope alive… and keep Bolting Toward Excellence.

Your Friend Pete