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Chargers bring up Tyrell Williams. No targets for Philip


The San Diego Chargers brought up Tyrell Williams from the practice squad and he could see some significant action with Malcom Floyd out with the shoulder injury. We still are not sure that Floyd will get back on the field this year.

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Who is Philip going to throw to? In the past, we used to believe that Philip could work with a bunch of no names and still get production. He is working with a couple of players that are coming up from the practice squad, a Canadian football player and Stevie Johnson. That doesn’t strike any fear on anyone!

Hopefully Antonio Gates can get on the field. Ladarius Green still has been struggling with an injury. The running game is a straight joke at the moment.

The whole offense is on Philip Rivers and he somehow has to make it move down the field. Sounds like a mess waiting to happen.

I feel bad for our stud quarterback. He started out the year with some pretty solid targets, but one by one they are falling apart. He now has to work with a few guys off the practice squad and will still have some success. Mike McCoy should start leaning on that injury mess as his scapegoat soon.